I often close my eyes
And replay my life in my heart,
Just to sense the feeling
Holding onto hope.
You (hope) held my hand,
And showed me the lost path.
The sun shined brighter than ever in my sky,
And i felt like heaven couldn’t be close enough to my happiness.
You put my worries to sleep
You ignited the warmth of peace in my soul.
You closed every door towards darkness
To protect me from the aura of sadness.
And one day,
I opened my eyes to the sun,
I saw only sun,
Burning all my hopes.
Giving nothing but disappointment.
You (hope) left me,
And shed darkness over my eyes.
I’m in the forest,
Lost without a map,
Waiting for you to come back
And show me the way to live.
I still cry every time i feel your (hope’s) absence in my life.
You’re my only way to live.
You’re hope,
And hope is everything.

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