Self Confidence

Self confidence… What is self confidence?  Why it is so important to be confident in life to be happy and successful? Here are my thoughts on it.

Self confidence is the ability to embrace yourself in your own skin with all the imperfections and disabilities. In my opinion, self confidence gives you the power to deal with all the disappointments and failures. It’s like a spark of light which enlighten up your mind and soul to do better even in the darkest phase of your life. For me, it’ll give you the courage to deal with bad times and to get your goal in your life.

Two things affect a person’s self confidence very badly, one is failure and the second is people’s opinion. Let’s talk about how failure can damage the base of your self confidence. When a person faces failure, he thinks that he’s the worst in the world. There’s no meaning of his existence and he can never do better. He’s a mess and he doesn’t have any right to live and to be happy. But bad incidents, mistakes and failures are not the final destination. It’s the process of learning to make yourself better in order to do better.

Your failure can never describe your abilities. In order to be confident in the phase of downfall, one should trust itself. In order to deal with failure, you need to believe in your vision and keep doing right things. One day you’ll redefine your abilities in front of entire world.

People’s opinion can destroy your self confidence in a single blink, if you give them a chance to define your worth. Everyone around us has its own vision towards life. If we are allowing people to define our will and strength that mean we’re insulting our capabilities and we are making fun of our part of existence. If you know who you are and you can achieve whatever you want to achieve then there is no one in the world who can stop you from achieving your goal. Never give people’s opinion that much importance because they judge a book by its cover even they don’t know the story of the book and they don’t even bother to read it.

When I was dealing with failure 5 years back, I’ve lost my self confidence completely.  And I expected everyone around me to make me realize ‘who I am’. But everyone tried to define myself in their own perspective; they tried to fit myself into their own castle of thinking. But things didn’t work out for me and I ended up losing my worth completely.

 One day, I read a phrase, “It’s only get better when you get better.” Then I realized that I was finding my answers in the wrong chapter of the book. I realized that I need to rebuild my confidence and I need to redefine myself in front of everyone, in order to do better, no matter how long it take and how many times I fall, I’ll try to get up.

And now, I embrace myself with all my flaws and imperfections and I don’t judge myself through everyone’s glasses. I keep my head up and walk confidently with my eyes open and ears covered so that I can ignore what people has to say about my worth and how badly they want to degrade me. Things are getting better when I’m getting better.

One who wants to regain its confidence, just don’t look for it in the surrounding, it exists within you. Throw some sunshine on that hidden box with in you which is covered by dust and darkness of bad experiences. Find this box and open it to lighten up the world within you.


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