women is the root cause of all evils

The word “WOMEN” is the mixture of five latter which clearly describe the meaning of this word and explains that the woman is the root cause of all problems.
Basically woman is a emotional sort of personality who uses her heart instead of brain and as you know heart usually fails.In our practical life emotions and feelings doesn’t matter.Will power and determination is the need of hour.So the women can not do field jobs and work like men.
Women of our country are usually illiterate and superstitious as well. they don’t even have manners to manage a life.An un-educated cannot teach to her children how to live and the difference between good or bad.And this is the main cause of social evils.as William Faulkner said:
“Women do have an affinity for evil, for believing that no women is to be trusted, but the some men are too innocent to protect themselves”.
Women can destroy a nation because they are attracted towards money and status.And money is the main cause of all evils.they want more and more never live a contented life.
You can say that woman is the cause of diversion.as Jesus Barraza said:
“Beauty of women is root of all evils,it makes men lose their minds.”
she has no confidence and not even perfect to fulfill their daily life duties Probably the most monumental of events is that of the creation of Adam and Eve and the temptation of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Almost immediately in the beginning of the book, woman stirs up trouble and dooms all mankind. It is almost inevitable that the women created after such a tragedy should follow in Eve’s footsteps. Eve did not necessarily condemn herself and Adam and all humans to come by deceit or seduction. Her evil wrongdoing came in the form of temptation. As the serpent presented the option of tasting the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. The solemn harshness of Eve’s punishment suggests that even God is most displeased with the woman. The story of Abraham and Sarah also depicts woman as a troublemaker. This time it is woman’s beauty that stirs up trouble.
At the end i just wanna say that women are crazy sort of creation. Dr john said that:
“women is the root cause of all evils”.


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